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Since it’s getting warmer I decided it was hair cut day/prep hair for donation day. Figures the one time I get my braid perfect I’m lopping it off, haha. My head feels a ton lighter though and the resulting style thanks to my mom makes me feel so fabulous! Gonna go get a padded envelope to send it off later once the braid dries out.

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  2. bluehoppersimming said: oh my gosh, you look so cute!!
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    Oh man I need to do this :O I have so much hair it reaches down to the top of my butt, and it’s going to be a PAIN this...
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    She’s really pretty
  5. plentyofsims said: Yay for donating hair! Your hair cut looks great. :)
  6. gemlyteddie said: Woah, what?! You can donate hair?! :O *shaves head* Also, you’re super-cure and I look amazing with short hair :D
  7. danisimlover said: that is what iwanna do, donate my hair :) it’s like 3 feet now