Quizical Simblr with screenshot spam and downloads

I know it’s a little late today

But I think I’m going to start a creating stream soon. I need to get myself together if I’m going to make them a regular feature

EDIT: And awaaaaay http://www.twitch.tv/quizicalgin

Finally presenting the Woolen wamers and Print Leggings for your toddlers to wear! I know there are already umpteenmillion socks and leggings for tots but I wanted to add a couple more. Socks are for boys and girls while the leggings are just for the girlies.


CC: Skier=Editsim/littlecat, Shoes= Lilisims

Note: SOrry for taking so dang long to upload these I’ve been having a serious case of the lazies and been on a really bad youtube binge. x.x;

Anonymous asked:

hi have you got the download link for quizicalginDOTtumblrDOTcom/tagged/ Laura-Bloom hair

For the images in that tag both can be found as retextures by Paintstroke and Lemonkitty dear Non. ^^

Anonymous asked:

This may sound creepy but what country do you live in?

Not creepy at all dear Non. ^^  I’m in the united states. :3

Now I remember why I never use it

I thought it would be nice to try the old Microphone my dad has had for ages since some of my video quality doesn’t sound very good to me. Sadly to my dismay not only is it not an improvement but it won’t work with FFsplit and now it won’t work for me at all since I installed the external mic. Whats worse is that when I unplug it my internal mic seems to be going overboard and it’s like it’s over active. I can hear a louder version of my tapping and typing away when it acts up. x.x

Anonymous asked:

*Doll Anon* I was very luck to know how to sew so the majority of the doll clothes I own are handmade. American Girl dolls are only available in American Girl stores unfortunately but they are sold online through th AG website as well as amazon and ebay

Sewing makes everything clothing wise a lil’ easier doesn’t it? hehe >w< and that explains a lot since they don’t have one in this area and we didn’t have internet access till I was in middle school. XwX

Anonymous asked:

Who/what is LC?

My cat that had to be put down last fall dear Non. LC for little cat since she was small since we already had a BC before (big cat). I miss the white fluff balls. TTwTT

Anonymous asked:

Don't feel bad about playing with dolls I am almost 21 and I have my American Girl doll along with a shit ton of clothes for her and I play with her regularly, and honestly if you think about it playing sims is just and extension of playing with dolls

Thank you dear Non and oooh lucky ducky! I remember seeing them and wanting one too but never saw them in the stores. It really is too isn’t it only the digi dolls can have kids and grow old and leve us sobbing tears of sadness. ; w ; no wonder I can’t complete a generation xwx

Planning on getting back to doing the workshops

Last year around november some of you mght recall that I wanted to do them to help fellow creators and potential ones learn how to mesh adjust textures and such but when LC died I kinda forgot all about it. Now I’d like to get back to it and to come to it I’d like to present a poll so I can pick the best time to get as many people in on it as I can.
It mentions EST specifically since I am on the east coast. I’ll also post the streams up to youtube once the workshop is finished for that day.